How to Lose an Inch Off Your Waist in One Day

How to Lose an Inch Off Your Waist In One Day

When you receive an unexpected invitation for a party or have the good fortune to have a sudden vacation in a tropical location, you might have another sudden need – a tip or 2 to get slim quick!

You might even wonder how to lose an inch off your waist in a day. Or maybe a tip to lose in two days. Do you think it’s useless, that you’re doomed to be self conscious because in just a day or two, don’t have time? You’re not doomed to fail when it comes to toning, tightening and firming in a minimal amount of time – here are some tips to help you stay motivated.

Whether you have time to spare or not, let me give you a tip or two on the best ways to lose inches the right way, amp your metabolism and reveal a more slim waist fast.

1. Choose low-glycemic index foods
Low glycemic index foods don’t give you the sugar spike and crash that leads you to over eat after the fact. They also contribute to weight and inch loss by being relatively slow to metabolize.  When you eat food that is high in sugar, it’s meant to provide energy and amp you up!  If you’re going to eat those kinds of food, it’s better to eat it before exercising, especially if you’re going to do a cardio workout or some form of high intensity interval training (HIIT).  But if you’re not burning off that kind of energy and eating high-carb food late in the day, it has to get stored somewhere. And if you’re prone to building fat around your waist (or thighs, etc.) – this is where you’ll see it over time. Keep a diet log each week and monitor not only your quantity but quality of food over the week.  Make sure you’re eating a variety of proteins, vegetables, and complex carbs (not to mention healthy fats, too). This also helps if you are troubled by low blood sugar. Being aware might help you lose inches!

2. Eat plenty of fiber and water
You’ve heard it a million times but this is a key tip! Plan healthy eating!  Besides helping you to feel full before you eat, fiber and water help to continue to flush fat and toxins out of out of your system.  It’s a low tech tip for losing weight your mom probably told you but it still works! Many people retain extra inches because of toxins stored in fat cells (and again – if you store your fat around your waist, toxins in your tissue and fat cells would only make it worse!) Eating plenty of fiber and water each day will help flush these through system and could be a fast way to trim  your waist and weight. Go for the low hanging fruit – pun intended! A good water rule is drinking half your weight in ounces daily.

3. Exercise

Of course exercise is also a key tip for anyone wanting to lose weight.  Doesn’t hurt that exercising will amp your energy level! As you look better and feel stronger, your self image, etc will improve as well. Most people like to include a combination of cardio and some form of strength training exercise to lose fat.  High intensity interval workouts, or HIIT, will help you to increase your cardiovascular health and build lean muscle tissue (and are surprisingly fast to do). Not only will you look better, but you’ll benefit from the fact that muscle raises your resting metabolic rate. In a sense – the more muscle tissue you build, the more efficient your metabolism will be.  It’s an important key to the secret of weight and inch loss. Plan exercise at least 3-4 times weekly.


Have you noticed that all of these have one key element in common? The plan to experience loss of inches from your waist and begin reshaping your body is just that – a plan. Whether you can be slow and steady or need a tip for inch loss fast, it’s about eating a variety of healthy foods and engaging in a variety of regular exercise modes to strengthen your body. This way you can mobilize the fat stored in the tissue of your body, metabolize the fat, and look forward to the times you’ll enjoy your slim new figure – you can’t fail!


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